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Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are 60 minutes and provide clients an opportunity to work one on one with a therapist to make progress on their mental health goals.  Individual sessions are available in person or on-line.

Cost per session $150


Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions are an opportunity to gain insight from a therapist as well as peers with similar concerns to yours.  It also offers a lower cost option or can be combined with individual therapy for maximum benefit.    

Cost per session $50-90 depending on group size


In-Home Therapy

In-home sessions offers a concierge service to adolescents.  This is often a great way to work with a busy family schedule or to help clients with specific disorders who require starting treatment at home before moving to a setting outside the home. At Hays Health and Wellness we try to remove all barriers to quality care.   

Cost per session starting at $150 depending on location



If your looking to grow as a therapist or your looking to fulfill hours towards your LAC or LCSW we provide weekly supervision in person or virtually.

Cost per session $125  


Profession Development

We offer an assortment of professional development opportunities.  We can customize each package for your needs.  We can do Professional development  as short as 1 hour or a half or full day events.  Our most popular topics are School Phobia and an Introduction to a Trauma Informed School.  We offer top of the line training for a fraction of the cost.  That's why we book mostly 1-2 hr PD.   If we can teach it well in an hr no need to charge for 4! 

Starting as low as $500


Clinical Consulting

School Administrator 
Clinical Consulting

We can provide your school or business with clinical consultation.  We can help develop programs with your existing resources during a brief and inexpensive consultation.   We can help structure your existing  programs while teaching your staff how to be successful with struggling students and clients.

We have helped private schools retain 90+% students struggling with mental health concerns and we have helped helped large companies grow there average daily census by 26%.

Cost: Call for details  

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