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Providing Exceptional Mental Health Treatment for Adolescents

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Hays Health and Wellness

Hays Health and Wellness has been dedicated to providing quality mental healthcare since 2015.  It's owner's Ira and Marissa Hays have over 30 years experience combined and practice a multitude of evidence based treatments to meet the need of the majority of clients with mental health symptoms.  From depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, school phobia and  opposition defiance disorder  let the staff at Hays Health and Wellness provide you the help you or your child need to reach your mental health goals.

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Individual sessions are 60 minutes and provide clients an opportunity to work one on one with a therapist to make progress on their mental health goals.  Individual sessions are available in office or on line  


Group therapy sessions are an opportunity to gain insight from a therapist as well as peers with similar concerns to yours.  It also offers a lower cost option or can be combined with individual therapy for maximum benefit.    


In-home sessions offers a concierge service to adolescents.  This is often a great way to work with a busy family schedule or to help clients with specific disorders who require starting treatment at home before moving to a setting outside the home. At Hays Health and Wellness we try to remove all barriers to quality care.   

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